You Don’t Say

As a caricature of some Nicholas Cage movie, this meme has to be one of THE most sarcastic things anyone can meme to anybody!

Success Kid

You know Success Kid either helped motivate you for success or celebrate your new found success, so upvote this meme if you like it and come up with your own version in the comment section!

Bad Luck Brian

Ouchhhhh, the dynamic of poor Brian would make even the coldest souls chuckle. Look at that face; he doesn’t deserve this!

Ancient Aliens

Stemming off of this guys ‘other-worldly’ personality and looks, this meme that let’s you place the blame on anything, or in this case replace their logic with “aliens”!

Annoyed Picard

If you can bring Captain Picard, one of the most rational men in the universe to this level, then you deserve to get this meme!